Any suggestions for JMB miles expiring in 2019?

Hi all,

I have a very modest 106,000 JMB miles at present, but they will begin to expire in February, 2019.

As I have to make the miles stretch for two adults and one child, I’m really not sure how to best put them to use (departing from Tokyo).

Prefer to use for award redemptions to minimise cash outlay, but open to any suggestions.

Any ideas?


They can be redeemed with any Oneworld partner airline.

Also you can redeem miles for JAL Coupons…JAL Coupons can be used for full or partial payment of JAL Group tickets, package tours, hotel stays, and more.
Miles can be redeemed from 10,000 miles for JAL Coupons equivalent to ¥12,000.


Try having a play with with the potential route you would fly.