Any suggestions for a last minute flight redemption to Asia for the warm waters?

Hey guys
Great website so much to learn thankyou.
I’m hoping to head in a last minute trip to asia somewhere that the water is warm.
I have 70,000 velocty and 30,000 qantas points.
Do you think I’d be better saving them and paying cash.
I noticed you recommend booking well in advance!


Hi Tom,

It would help if you disclose where you are based. 70k Velocity would get you 1 way Business to South East Asia, based on my memory.

1 person travelling and prefers Business Class?

A bit more detail in these questions would help use help you.


Oh sorry two people from Melbourne ideally.

And economy is fine! Seems alot of the cheaper fares are already gone so need to get flexible economy with points.

Hi Tom,

Try using the following tools.

VA Route Map - to find out where VA and co fly to

GCMAP - to work out distance

Velocity Table - to find out how much points it costs

seems like you could get 2 economy 1 way seats for 70k velocity to Singapore. It might be worth while checking the islands (Fiji, etc.) for award seats availabilities too. Worst case, go to Cairns for warmer waters.