Any points earning tips for low income earners?

While there is a lot of credit cards, FF points, and information out there for people earning in excess of 60 to 100k (aud) and over ; I am wondering if there is any worth in a low income (sub 60k) person trying to earn substantial points through the credit cards, buying points, Epiqure offers and the like?

Income is only a criterion for credit cards not buying points  (which is done through mostly US based websites) or epicure.

Generally speaking the cards with higher points earning and higher annual fees have higher income requirements.

We can’t give you specific advice but most banks and suppliers have cards with less than 60k income rule. However these cards come with low or no sign on points bonus but a lower annual fee

Hi djf67,

Here is a previous Q&A which might help. Not entirely the same but similar in my mind.