Any insight if we still need to pay taxes for an infant if we redeem flights using Qantas Frequent Flyer?


I have been looking to book my partner and I business class flights to tokyo from perth (CX) using QFF. We are expecting our first child at the end of 2016 and are looking to fly in March 2017.

I am looking to lock in some flights now but as our child hasn’t been born, they can’t be added to the flight until they are. From various useful posts on your website, you have pointed out that when adding an infant who will fly on your lap to qantas award usually require us to pay the tax.

I have searched far and wide an unable to find this information online. Can anyone provide any insight as to whether this is still the case?



Hi Winston,

Congratulation on your first child.

This is the extract I found on T&C for QFF.

14.3.4 Infants under two years and not occupying a seat, travel without the need to redeem Qantas Points as long as the accompanying adult is travelling on a Classic Flight Reward. There is a limit of one infant per adult travelling on a Classic Flight Reward. Taxes, fees and carrier charges (including GST) may be payable in relation to infants as specified by Qantas Loyalty at the time a Member books a Classic Flight Reward.


Some older forums do suggest 10% on taxes and even full fare (fare is not valid now as we can see from above) may be chargeable but this may not be valid now.

I do not have actual experience in this. Maybe best to ring QFF help desk. I’m sure they can easily put this question to bed.


Cool thanks for the info and the link!

i tried calling qantas and gave up after an hour and 20 minutes… :slight_smile:

i’ll start planning (and hopefully book) my flights… and will add the bub when he or she is born :slight_smile:


This is one of the best things about the Qantas Frequent Flyer program compared to others - you’ll only get charged taxes, no points. Other frequent flyer programs sting you with 10% of points in some cases, or 10% of adult fare in others - which can add up to thousands of dollars if redeeming for long-haul First or Business Class.