Any indication of upcoming Qantas Double Status?

Traditionally there has been a Feb or March double status week, but from checking my emails they normally announce it about a week before the upcoming period for pre-registration. I have a whole bunch of flying to do this year and was considering making a tilt at Platinum One again (just for fun). While I could just book now and not have to risk further price increases due to fuel pricing etc, I am wondering if anyone else thinks there will be a double status coming up in the next 10 days or so (have to book by end of March due to quarterly budget)?

Hi @garagetakai
Considering the pent-up demand for flying due to the loosening of Covid restrictions, I personally can’t see that happening. Qantas has extended people’s status already, so most people who would choose to book to take advantage (i.e. those who are short of requalifying) wouldn’t need to regardless. However, you never know, and their last offer in 2021 was from the 25th → 30th of March, so not impossible. Bear in mind though that you need to book the travel within the period of the offer - in last years case, 25-30 March, so no point in trying to beat the rise in prices, unfortunately, if you do want to take advantage of the double SC offer.

Yeah, that is a good point regarding the pent up bookings and status extensions. But as for booking travel within the period of the offer, others have suggested a cancel>credit and then rebook method. That might work.

FWIW, Double Status Credits until 1 April. Just got the email.

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@garagetakai happy to be proven wrong!! Enjoy Plat One!!

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I had actually given up on it last night, and was only delaying booking flights until the new AMEX arrived. Glad I did.

Hi - does anyone know if you still get the status bonus if you change the date of the flights at a later stage?

I seem to remember some discussions along those lines for previous promotions…