Any ideas why this itinerary wouldn’t work for a Qantas oneworld RTW redemption?

Hi there,
I’m new to this community, hoping someone can help!

I can see there are economy seats for all legs of our RTW classic awards journey that we want but when we get to last screen we get an error msg from Qantas on 5686UI?

Also all points total added up to 1 million for 4 tickets - does it reduce to 4 X 134,200 points on last screen cos as far as I can tell I meet all the RTW criteria.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

Are all flights OneWorld flights?

Yes I think so, I selected ‘use points - classic reward flights only option’ on Qantas website booking tool.

Even if you select ‘Use Points’ on the Qantas website,
non-oneworld partners can show up. Those airlines (such as Emirates and Jetstar) can’t be used in a Oneworld Classic Flight Reward. The pricing won’t work.

Check the eligible member airlines here

Also, have you checked if the itinerary is under 35,000 miles? You can use the Great Circle Mapper and the airport codes to check.

EDIT: Also looks like you have six stopovers instead of the allowed five.

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Thank you! That’s helpful I had selected Jetstar and emirates so that’s probably why.

I have one surface segment in Europe (travelling via motorhome Ath to Oslo) - thought that was only one stop, not too.

Yes within 35,000 miles, have checked that!

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You need to include the transiting ports in the distance calculator too if you haven’t already. A lot of the flights aren’t direct hence I see it may exceed 35000 miles depending on the airline/transit ports.

You will need to include Athens to Olso too despite not being on the itinerary.