Any ideas why I am unable to buy Starpoints or Alaska Miles from supported websites?

I tried to buy Starpoints many times, but unfortunately it said my credit card information cannot be confirmed. I tried my many different credit cards, such as Westpac Black, Amex and CBA Diamond etc, but results is the same. what happened? Besides, when I try to buy an Alaska miles, it’s also the same problem, so I can not buy any points or miles from supported websites.

Even it’s in my credit card as “Pending” status, the next day I still receive the email like this:

Your recent Mileage Plan™ transaction could not be completed. The transaction has been cancelled and your credit card has not been charged. Please try your transaction again or contact customer support.

I check my bill address and all information I put is correct. Besides, I used Master, Visa and Amex from different banks and try many times, all “Pending” in my account, then next day I receive an email from Alaska or SPG to say it is failed to buy.

Does any one have similar experience and how to solve it, it is really annoying me. Thanks.

Hi boysky:

How long have you had those accounts? SPG and Alaska Mileage plan? I had similar experience when I first started trying to buy AA miles. All the accounts have to have a minimum amount of time (usually 2 weeks to a month) of being opened before you can purchase any miles. But unfortunately they don’t specify clearly, in my case, my purchase of AA miles was rejected because of “incorrect billing address”! I checked with my banks and tried different cards, and all had “wrong billing address”.

I contacted AA, and was told my account was too new.

So that might be the reason.

Also, Alaska has been known in the past to not accept Australian credit cards. Maybe they are blocking again this time?