Any ideas on how to fly from Sydney to Tokyo or Vancouver in Feb 2020 with Qantas points?


I’d like to fly business to either tokyo or vancouver from approx feb 19th (flexible later leave, cant go before 19th) 2020 for approx 2 weeks to ski.

I’ve got 750k qantas points. After looking on qantas at those approx dates, it’s really iffy trying to get true business class flights. A lot of them say they have business available only to click and see only economy is available direct, or you can fly the longest part in economy and fly a short domestic flight in business. wow worth it! :confused:

If you’ve got any tips or suggestions I’d really appreciate it.

Hi @ollie

There’s been lots written on this website about using points to get to Japan. Rather than linking you to all the relevant articles, do a search for “Japan” on the homepage and check out the articles of interest/relevance. I’m sure they’ll be helpful.

As for getting to Vancouver with Qantas points, you could look at trying to find a flight to the USA and going from there, or you could fly via somewhere in Asia. Going via Hong Kong wouldn’t be a bad option, though I can’t see availability before February 29 (QF117/CX888).