Any ideas for how to retain Qantas Silver status?

Hi, I’ve been a QFF Silver member for a little while now due to work travel however now my travel has reduce this year and I have been using my points for family trips. It looks like I’m going to lose my silver member due to my lack of paid travel. Do you have any hint or tips on how I can retain my silver status in a cost effective manner?

I think the only way will be a) via status matches to other programs which may keep you on a similar level of perks or b) doing a status run.

I’m no expert on a) but there are a couple of articles on PH about this. I’m not sure if there are any current promotions worth looking at.

For b) I’m no expert either, but again I think there are a couple of articles on PH. It might be better to go looking on some other forums like AFF as I know they talk a lot more about the best-value status runs for Qantas.

You may get lucky and may be able to combine one of their double status-credit promotions as well which will help you keep Silver.

However, the big question is whether Silver (or status in general) is worth chasing anyway? Redeeming for or upgrading to business class flights will give you access to many of the same perks as Silver anyway.

If you have been Silver (or Gold) for a while now you may find you get comped your next year’s status despite not meeting the requirements. This is usually dependent on your average of the last few years being over a certain threshold to trigger the offer, so can’t be guaranteed.

How many Status Credits are you short, and where do you live? We might be able to advise on some flights you could take to retain Silver, however it’s unlikely that the benefits of Silver will be worth the cost - the main silver benefits are skipping the Economy check-in queues and for slightly better seating.