Any ideas for domestic status runs for 2021?

This is nothing more than idle musings now that I’m starting to wind down for Christmas.

Does anyone have any thoughts on status runs for 2021? My statuses have been extended but it a subject I haven’t found any opinions since pre-Covid and most of those were international runs rather than domestic.

So I thought I’d seek the wisdom (and often candor) here. I’m mainly interested in ex-BNE but I guess any ideas are food for thought.

Season’s Greetings to all and many thanks to the tireless PH staff for another year well done!

Hi @MarcB

I was never a fan of status runs before COVID but even more so now my advice would be: don’t bother. Airlines are still in the process of extending status and handing out other perks to their frequent flyers, so it’s not unlikely that any status run in 2021 would be a waste of time, money and emissions anyway.

Wait until the dust settles and then go on a status run if you must. But for now, enjoy the fact that your statuses have been extended for free.