Any ideas for booking multiple award tickets on the same flight with Singapore Airlines?

Might be a longshot, but hopefully someone has some creative ideas for this?

I’ve been collecting points seriously for a little under two years now, however I’ve only ever redeemed one set of flights (2 people, Australia to Europe return, open jaw, mix of business and first class). My main focus is Singapore Airlines (Amex MR, and Velocity points, both transferring to KF miles).

I’ve been saving (and will be for at least another year or two) towards getting 4 people return to Europe. It’s important for all 4 people to be on the same flight (2 of the people are older, travel rarely, and have never been overseas).

I know I’m going to struggle to find 4 seats in business on a single flight, especially when you consider we need to travel in Australian school holidays (my wife’s a teacher). Obviously I will look for flights as far in advance as possible, and I’m also planning to have enough points to cover 2 business and 2 first, in case that combination has better availability than 4 business. I should also mention I don’t anticipate having any status in KF when we book, so unlikely to be successful with waitlisting (at least that is my understanding).

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned all of my constraints, so we can be flexible on pretty much anything else you can imagine. Does anyone have any other tips or things we can plan on trying, to succeed in our goal of 4 people on the one flight, all in a comfortable class, all on points?

It can be done.

I have had success booking Singapore Airlines Business Class PER - FRA and returning ZRH - PER for 4 people in the school holidays (traveling in April 2017).  I booked the return trip from Zurich first as it had immediate availability in Business Saver, then waitlisted a number of flights for the outbound trip.  We were happy to fly into a number of cities in Europe with Frankfurt being the first of the waitlisted flights to clear.  We are spending most of our time in Italy, but figured once in Europe it is easy to travel around to other cities - the key for us was the Business Class for getting to Europe and back from Perth.

The bookings were both made in August last year about 6 months in advance.  The waitlisted flight cleared after a couple of weeks.  I have Silver Status with Krisflyer although that is unlikely to have made any difference to the waitlisted flight clearing

We have had no problems booking our family of 4  on many Business Class trips with Singapore Airlines into Asia and Europe.  You will need to be a little flexible with dates and destinations  especially if you only want to book Business Saver fares

I really hope I am as lucky as you when it comes time to book because with KrisFlyer moving the goal posts over night, I’m now going to need another 130,000-200,000 more KrisFlyer miles to make this booking.