Any ideas as to when the next Qantas double status credit promo is?

Does anyone have any idea when qantas will offer their double status promotion again please?
I need three hundred more points to reach platinum and am determined to do so.
I would have reached it last year if qantas were not forced to cancel one of my flights due to Covid, effectively meaning I was short that year. Though not everyone’s goal, I really hope to reach it this year prior to January 30.
Thanks all,

They offer it around March each year. Any promotion outside of that is a surprise bonus. I doubt they’ll have one anytime soon because it doesn’t seem like they are having any trouble filling seats at the moment.

Yes, I booked then too. Usually we get a second one. Around September . I’m hoping to book flights for next year when it arrives.
Thanks for your response.
Some people get offers that are not public. I’ve had this once or twice. Would love that again!
Thanks again