Any idea why some seats are not showing up when booking Asiana with Avianca Life Miles?

I’m looking on Asiana and can see availability in Business London(LHR)-Incheon(ICN)-Sydney(SYD) on the dates I want but when I go to Avianca Life Miles page it doesn’t show up at all, shows no availability at all. Any reason why this wont show or any pointers on how to get the seats.

Hi hamilw,

If you haven’t already, have a read of this article on Lifemiles in general. Very resourceful article IMO.

There are the odd occasion for some FF programs where there are phantom award seats. That is to say on some websites (partner/award searching sites) it says there are availabilities when there actually are none.

If you are serious about redeeming, call Lifemiles and ask. Sometimes you have to use the screenshot method too. The article above should explain in more depth than I.

If you still have questions, please ask and a community member will answer, no doubt.