Any experience with reward booking cancelled by the airline?

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the following and what came of it …
I just booked a reward flight on the qantas website. I used my frequent flyer points to book 2 business class flights with Qatar to London. The booking process went through perfectly ok and I received a booking confirmation number followed by an emailed e ticket. I then went onto the qantas website to manage my booking and saw a warning saying that my flights had been cancelled and to speak to qantas. After multiple phone calls I was told that those flights were not in the system yet to book and that they would have to contact one world and Qatar to have them re issued. I’m now waiting to see if I get my flights. My points have also been deducted from my account. I’m pretty annoyed. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything I can do other than wait?
Thanks in advance!

What route and approximate dates did you book?

Adelaide to Doha, Doha to London. I booked for November 2017. Flights are visible now when searched but booked out

I would make a formal complaint to Qantas as they already generate revenue from deducting your points.