Any experience with Qatar Airways business class upgrades?

Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade my Melbourne-London flight to business on Qatar Airways. Just wondering if anyone had any experience doing it through the Privileges Club loyalty program, in terms of things like likelihood of getting the upgrade, confirmation time etc? I’m a lowly Burgundy member and should have enough points.

Hi dyau787,

Personally I don’t have experience with Qatar Airways’ loyalty program.

However, I believe the following is generally applicable to most FF program.

Upgrades are generally going by status and then the time from which you request for the upgrade. I.E.: Highest status get offered first then the earlier bidders of the same status gets it first.

Upgrades are generally only applicable for the standard fare tickets. E.g. to go from Econ to Prem Econ or Business (next class up), you have to book the standard econ ticket, which generally is much more expensive than the deals or saver econ tickets.

So essentially you are paying more for a chance of upgrade.

Maybe others with more experience can comment on their experience. However, since you have the points, nothing to lose if they allow you to bid for upgrade from your existing ticket.

Good luck.

I would also suggest looking at other sources of info from other websites to supplement lacking info on less popular topics/FF program here. Google is your friend.