Any experience with Australian credit card not being accepted when booking BA rewards seats using Avios points?

Hi fellow hackers.

I want to ask you guys, i am trying to book domestic qantas flight using avios points on BA rewards seats website. Now the payment page is not accepting Australian credit card n when i called the hotline no., they told me that someone needs to do payment at the BA counter at London Heathrow airport …
Is there any other way around ?
Hope to get some help from the gurus…:slight_smile:

Hi Hassan,

I am not sure what is wrong with your transaction. I have just redeemed via BA  with Avios successfully with a Australian credit card quite recently. If you really can’t redeem, try transferring from BA Exec Club to Avios account or Iberia account to redeem.

I would try again with BA with another browser (try clearing your history and cache first) or another credit card.

Good luck.