Any experience with American Airlines 30 Day Admirals Club lounge pass?

Hello all,

I remember reading about AA 30 day Admiral pass but I can seem to see if it is still a valid option or not. Anyone have used these pass’s recently?



I recall reading some where recently that it is going to be unavailable soon.

But it seems to be still available when I did a Google search. No a bad deal if it is usable in the airport you are travelling through.

Thanks w-hiew,

it looks very useful because you can use it in Qantas Club as well. The link you posted though goes to a disconnected page so I’m thinking it might not be available anymore.

I do apologize for the broken link. Since then, the page seems to have been updated. There was a section on 30-day membership for $99 last night.

Might not be as good but you may have to try Priority Pass if you are after lounge access you can pay for. Or try Googling “lounge access paid” if you haven’t already do so.


I actually think the 30 day membership has now been canned - can’t find info about it anywhere.