Any experience using Velocity Platinum Upgrade Me credits?

Hi, I was hoping to use my Velocity Platinum Upgrade Me Credits for a Denpasar to Sydney flight in May. I just rang the call centre and they said there are no platinum upgrades available for the dates I am looking at. When I look on the Virgin website there are no Business Rewards seats but plenty of Business Saver and Business seats left. The call centre said that more Business Reward seats may be released. Can anyone advise if this likely or if I should just bite the bullet and use points for a Business Saver seat?


I am not familiar with the Velocity Plat Upgrade me so I will let others comment on that aspect.

In general, the best (value) use of points is to redeem Business Rewards or any other Reward fares. These fares cost the least amount of points but are most limited in availability.

If you have to travel on that particular flight and time; and do not have any better plans to use your points; or you have too many points; or earn points quicker than you can use; it may be a good idea to go ahead and redeem non-Reward fare seats. These usually costs many times what Reward seats cost in points.

If you have better use (better value for your points), it may be better to pay for this flight and use the points for other better redemptions.