Any experience redeeming flights to/from USA using Velocity Platinum during peak?

Hi there - read in the Velocity Frequent Flyer site that if Platinum, you can redeem flights for a group of 4 once per year for any VA operated flights by ringing up.

Wondering if anyone has had experience with this during peak period to US?

Was thinking of trying my luck for late Dec/Early Jan (ie. 31st/1st) to USA for our family of 4…(obviously no seat award availability online)


Actually - just rang them to ask…\r\n\r\nMy summary…it ain’t happening…\r\n\r\nFrankly, not too sure about the value of this ‘feature’ of VFF Platinum…it’s useless for any of the peak periods (school hols, pub hols, festive season etc), and only applies if there are no award seats showing online in the 7 days before or after your preferred travel)…


You had a few things going against you this time IMHO.

  1. AU-USA award seats are already scarce on non-peak season  - one of the most popular routes.
  2. Booking for peak season
  3. Booking for 2-3 mths in future
  4. Booking 4 seats
  5. Velocity availability has dried up since I last check a few months ago.
  6. Plat benefit requires flexibility (as conditions can be restrictive) and can redeem in economy only AFAIK.
Key to success in redemption is flexibility and booking in advance if possible.

If you haven’t already tried this: Try searching 1 seat or 2 seat at a time. If you are searching for 4 but they have 3 available, you won’t see availability.

Good luck for next time.