Any advice on the best way to upgrade to business class on Perth-London flight using Qantas points?

Hi, I’m after some advice on the best way for Me and my wife to fly from Perth Australia return to london. I have about 150,000 Qantas points at the moment. I know this is not enough points for both of us without paying some cash. So my plan was to buy 2 standard returns then try and upgrade with the points. I have found out that you cannot use Qantas points to upgrade on Emirates flights and they operate the Qantas flights out of Perth to Dubai. I am a total novice when it comes to using points, so any advice on the best way for me to achieve upgrading and flying return Perth - London would be greatly appreciated.

The only way (short of flying across to Sydney or Melbourne to join the Qantas flight to London) is to fly Perth to Dubai on Emirates  then Dubai to London on QF1 or QF9. Presuming you mean purchasing an economy fare you would need to buy full fare economy (you can’t upgrade on discount economy) and even then you don’t know you’re upgraded until the day before.  You haven’t stated your Qantas status but if you’re bronze your chances of upgrades are low.