Any advice on how to get to Europe with Qantas and Velocity points?

Hi friends,
I’m new to using points and my wife and I wish to use some (if we can) to get to Frankfurt, returning from London in Sept/Oct 2019 and I’m hoping someone can be of assistance.
We have about 20k Air Canada Miles each, around 60k Velocity points each and 200k QFF between us.
Is there any way we can use our points to maximize our comfort while minimizing our cost?
I am happy to book PrEy, but would prefer to be in Biz.
Would be happy to hear any suggestions, as I think I’m going mad looking at airline sites.
Finding award upgrades seems to be the most difficult.
Hope someone can help.
Cheers, woz

Hi Woz,

Tricky… you don’t have enough points for both of you to get to Europe and back in business class, but you have a few options. Here’s one suggestion:

Velocity points: if you could just scrounge or wait until you have 127,500 Velocity points, that will get you one, one-way, business class ticket to/from London flying via Hong Kong using Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic. You could then pay for the other ticket. You’ll need about 140,000 points each for more options using Etihad or Singapore Airlines.

Qantas points: You have enough points for two one-way flights to/from London to Australia, flying Qantas in premium economy. You’ll need over 250,000 points for two, one-way business class flights. Other airlines’ premium economy (eg. Cathay, which I think flies into Frankfurt) will cost you 112,500 points per ticket.

Maybe you could use your Air Canada points for a short flight or two within Europe?

I know this is a bit complex but things do tend to get a bit finicky if you don’t quite have the points you need!


Hi sixtyeight,

Thanks a million for your reply! You’re absolutely correct - very tricky. But your suggestions are very good.  (Might be time to get a new CC or two.) I’ll do some due diligence on along these lines and the Air Canada may be very useful within Europe!

Looks like you’ve had the experience we’re looking for.  Thanks a million - points, that is. :slight_smile: