Any advice on how to find Emirates Business class seats from Dubai to Perth for Oct 2018?

Ive got all my flights out of Perth Emirates & Royal Jordanian to Italy Business class for next Sept-Oct. I grabbed them as they were released. However I’ve got Venice to Dubai Business, but cannot get a Business for the last long leg to Perth. Even if I flew DXB to Singapore (Bus) then the Sing/Perth leg is Economy!
Has anyone got experience is struggling to get back to Australia business class?? I booked everything else 11 months ahead. And am checking daily to see if 2 seats are made available. I can get 2 but have to stay another 8 days in Dubai, which cant happen.

So do I wait and check as often as possible to search for business availability?
Book 2 economy and ‘hope’ seats become available for upgrade?( after being spoilt all trip it would be horrible to be back in economy for 10hrs ha!)
Even with a longer return route, I still cant get Business to Perth.
I’ve set up email alerts via 'Expert Flyer. I’ve called both Emirates and Qantas to see if they could advise release patterns, got nothing.

I think what you have done is what I would have done. Not sure what else you could do more other than checking everyday. Best to make back up plans whether it is to fly economy direct or consider a 1 or 2 stop route back.

All the best.