Any advice on how to ensure my new QFF status is appropriately reflected mid-trip to access Cathay first class lounges?


I’m flying from DEL-HKK-SYD with CX/QF. I’ve used the calculator and learned that after the completion of my DEL-HKK leg, I’ll be moving from gold to platinum. I have a 9-10 hour layover so will get out for a bit but then come back to the lounge.

I really want to use the Cathay first lounges while in the airport, but Qantas often takes a while to update status credits when it’s not a QF flight, and I’m worried that it won’t update in time. Do you have any advice as to what I should do/say to ensure that my status is appropriately reflected when i turn up to the airport? Should I turn up to the Qantas lounge and ask for their assistance first?


Until Qantas upgrade your status there’s no chance CX will see it (as you said, this normally takes a few days). If by chance you can see Qantas Platinum in your profile once you land, I’d suggest you remove and re-add your FF# to the CX booking to update your status on their systems (as you won’t have the plastic card)

Hi Fatone

Thanks for the response. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers.