Any advice on how to book American Airlines flights on USA site?

Hi All, working on the next holiday sitting in the sun, with the rain thankfully gone for today

I want to book flights from Dallas to Los Angeles and have done so previously on American Airlines USA site, but now it seems that when you add your Australia credit card it kicks you out.

American Airlines site here is Australia is $1500.00 each for a first class ticket or through the USA site it is $297.00 each…

Is there any way around this, besides a third party like priceline (where no points or status are earnt)

Any assistance or advise would be appreciated

I recently purchased a flight from Toronto to Philadelphia via the site. I  was redirected to and used my ANZ Amex card.

Flight cost was $177 including taxes, so very happy with the experience. I was able to add by QFF member details, so expecting to accrue points.