Any advice for orphaned Miles & More miles?

Is there any way to use Miles & More in Australia? Not flying to Europe in the near future.
Can I transfer them to Velocity? Or use them to buy something in Australia?
I have 27626 Miles & Mores points spread over 3 separate accounts (family members) but I do not think they let you pool or transfer.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Frequent flyer points in general do not allow transfer between different FF programs. They want to retain your loyalty. Krisflyer-Velocity is a rare exception.

Minimum redemption within Australia seems to be 30k 1 way in economy quote.

As they are scattered across 3 accounts, best to let it go unless you can spend it on e-shopping (if they have something similar to Qantas store) or donating it.

This is a case of optimising where you should credit your flights to. Could credit them to Krisflyer or other Star Alliance members in the future.

Note: not very familiar with M&M so there may be more useful things to do with your points. Hopefully, others can advise further.

Thank you very much for your help.

I thought that was the case,  but it is always good to check with the experts :slight_smile: