American Airlines cancelling Qatar/Etihad codeshare - will this affect AA redemptions with the 2 airlines?

Seen that AA is cancelling their code share arrangement with Qatar & Etihad due to “Government Subsidies creating an unfair market place”.

Will this effect redeeming AA points on these two airlines. I know that Qatar as a One World airline will probably not be affected but what about Etihad?

We were fortunate to be able to fly 1st class to Abu Dhabi using AA points earlier this year and the Apartment was the BEST flight experience EVER!! Recommended for a couple.

Hi Ross,

I haven’t heard that this would affect the redemption ability yet. i.e.: point bloggers and hackers haven’t complained about this yet and it is still available on AA website.

I suppose it just affects the revenue side of things and cash fares (booking EY/QR on AA website). I am no expert in this though. Redemption is still available so I ain’t complaining.