American Advantage miles promotion - How does one use AA miles?

Hi guys.

I want to ask how does thisAAmiles work for travel on qantas. For example if i buy 150k+100k bonus= 250k AAmiles (current bonus offer), do i need to search flights on qantas award seats and if there is an available seat, i just call AAirlines to make that booking.
Also with these AAmiles can we travel on other airlines or it has to be AA ?
Lastly whats the conversion for AA: QFF ?
Lets say i have got 200k QFF points and i need 200k more, if there is an award seat available from Qantas, on the dates i want to travel, would i be able to use both QFF and AA miles to make that booking ?



Qantas points and American Advantage miles are separate things. Think of them as different currencies. You generally can’t pay for an item with a mix of currencies.

As with most FF program, the search of award space on their respective websites does not necessarily cover all eligible partner airlines’ award space. Fortunately, in your example, American Airlines award search function covers Qantas award space. So you could search directly from American Airlines website. For partner airlines that does not show, you would need to use other search engines or ring up to enquire about availability and book.

Qantas has their own redemption chart and AA has their own. See AA chart here.

For example, you could use your Qantas points for the outbound trip and AA for the inbound. Both these FF program does not have cheaper return award tickets; i.e.: 2 one way cost the same as 1 return ticket. Hence, there is next to no incentive of making a return booking in this case.