Am I eligible to access First Class lounge in Hong Kong if flying First Class JFK-HKG, Business Class HKG-SYD?

First Class Lounge entry - Hong Kong - Cathay

Hi - I am flying New York - Hong Kong First Class with Cathay (thx to points!).
5 hours in Hong Kong then to Sydney (HK-SYD) in Business (again, who said chasing points wasn’t worth it!).

Do you know if I can get into the First Class lounge in HK with my NY-HK boarding pass or only into Business as my next onward flight (HK-SYD) is in Business.

Would love to get into the First Class lounge just once in my life!

Also does anyone know anything about the First Class lounge at JFK… looks a bit average…


yes as long as you are in CX metal Jfk-Hkg AND Hkg-Syd

Hi nkr,

Check out link below. Table is a tiny bit complicated at first but my understanding of it is you need to be a first class departing from Hong Kong to access The Wing or Pier First Class Lounge. Looks gorgeous. One of the top lounges from what I gathered.

I am assuming “Arrival Lounge” is not the First Class Lounge.

If you have not already seen this, here is Keith’s review of The Wing Business and First Class Lounges in 2015.

Maybe someone else can comment on JFK 1st Class Lounge.

Thank you - it is confusing on whether “Departures First Class lounge” means it’s access to the Departures First Class lounge (as opposed to access to the Arrivals First Class lounge) or the First Class Lounge - where you only get access if you are departing on a flight in that class.
Have tried ringing Cathay and they were pretty useless. Might just have to try and wing it when I get there. Cheers


cbourl’s comment prompted me to do more digging.

Indeed, it seems that you would be allowed access to First Class lounge in Hong Kong for your circumstances if you are flying Cathay for both flights.