Am I cutting it too fine with my last qualifying flight for Velocity Gold status?


Just wanted clarification on the comment below.
I am looking to book some flights that will earn me my final 30 points required for Gold but my flight will be on the 29th. Is there anyway to get around this?

Earn 500 Status Credits in the 12 months prior to 29 Apr 2019 to upgrade to Gold^.


Yep, you’re definitely cutting it fine!

It may all depend on what Velocity defines as “prior to”. “Prior to 29 Apr” should mean that you have until midnight on April 28 to get the points. But Velocity may mean that you have until midnight on April 29.

I think your best option is to call Velocity, politely explain the situation, and ask nicely. Velocity does tend (at least sometimes) to give some latitude when it comes to reaching status targets.

Let us know how you go!

I agree with sixtyeight. Contact them and see if they’ll help. Ultimately, the point of these loyalty programs is to keep their flyers happy. If you’ve nearly reached gold then you’re likely a customer that they want to keep happy.

One thing you should keep in mind too is that they assess status after the points are awarded, which means that it might be up to a week before your status points are credited and status reassessed. It’s caused me some grief before; however, I just emailed them and they changed the dates for me.

Thanks for the suggestions!

As it was too close I took the chance to give them a call instead of emailing them but the person i talked to said that nothing could be done.
Oh well guess i probably dont fly enough to warrant chasing Gold

Depending on how badly you want Gold, it might just be worth calling again to see whether there’s someone more accommodating you could talk to this time.