Altitude Flight Rewards - best ways to use points for Sydney to Vancouver trip?

My husband has his credit card points linked to Altitude Rewards and we have frequent flyer membership with Air New Zealand Airpoints and Virgin Velocity.

We are wonder what is the best use of his points if we are planning a trip to Vancouver via USA either LA, Seattle or Hawaii. We would like to use the points for any part of the flight legs?


It would be most helpful if you can provide more info before we can try and help.

Info like which city/town are you based in, what class do you wish to travel in.

Air New Zealand FF program leaves a lot to be desired IMO because of:

  • points are tied to a $ value
  • limited award space on their aircraft
I would say Velocity, Krisflyer and Asia Miles is what I would focus on if I have Altitude points.

For example,

SYD-LAX in business 1 way costs:

95500 Velocity (flying Virgin Aust) or 104k Velocity (flying Singapore Air).

110000 Krisflyer (flying Singapore Air)

70000 Asia Miles (flying Qantas or American Airlines) 120k return


If you want a free stopover somewhere, that is a whole different topic. It adds a layer of complexity to it. Velocity in general doesn’t allow stopover for free. Krisflyer allows a stopover for U$150 from memory or 1 free stopover if booking return. I’m not terribly familiar with Asia Miles rules.

Sorry we are located in Sydney and looking at travelling in premium economy or business class