Agoda bookings no longer earn Velocity points - did anyone received notifications?

I have been happily booking hotels on Agoda for the past 12 months for a trip I took in December 2016 and another I have planned in July 2017. All this time I thought I could earn Velocity points from these bookings. Now Velocity tells me they have terminated their relationship with Agoda and they will only honour points for bookings made before 30 November 2016 even though the bookings I have made post November have Agoda confirmation of the points I have earned for these bookings.
Did anyone on the forum receive notification of the termination of relations between Agoda & Velocity or had any success claiming points post 30 November?

Hi Cherylk

Thanks for your post and also thanks for being a loyal Agoda customer. I am a partner manager for and would like to help get you those all important points you have accrued. The way customers can earn Velocity points via Agoda did change on 30 November 2016 and all bookings made pre that date were honored (once departed) on the former set up and everything post that date are now honored via the Agoda PointsMAX platform only. As it sounds like you have a few bookings please allow me to go through each one and ensure everything is in order. You can reach me on with your booking ID’s or your full name and I will do the rest.


Peter Lyons