Advice on travel to Cairo?

Hi all,

I stumbled across what I’d consider “super cheap” fares One Way from Cairo to Melbourne today, travelling with Emirates, Qantas or Etihad from $1650-$1950. I thought this was too good to be true but it appears to be a result of Egypt devaluing their currency. Does anyone know if this is true?

I’ve found a couple of blogs with return flights from Cairo - NYC with Qatar for around $1100 US return so I figure this is a really good option for those wanting to get to Europe or East Coast US in business without using points - added bonus of status credits + air miles.

As I’m planning on using Qantas points to get to Milan, I ended up booking a flight out of Cairo on 14/06/17 with Etihad to Mel via Abu Dhabi for $1948 all up. Will be on an a350 to Abu Dhabi and a380 to Melbourne. I believe I can get connecting flights to Rome, Barcelona etc. with Alitalia & EgyptAir respectively.

I’m not sure about the lounge aspect of things in Cairo so would appreciate some info on this - believe neither airline has their own? The other, more pressing issue would be concerns about safety if I wanted to stay a day or two and check out the city, pyramids etc. Does anyone fly here regularly?

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Nice scouting, I’d consider that cheap & it definitely would be worth a look around.

I’d go for it if I had the opportunity. Even though there is considerable warnings and safety concerns issued by authorities also demand has dropped right off on routes to Cairo. But is this is a chance for you to capitalise on it. Even if you didn’t enter the country as such at least you got cheap flights/points/status creds for stopping through. But if it was me I’d get out and have a look around atleast for a day or two. Check with smart traveller and do your research to raise your safety awareness.

I had a quick search for lounges although I couldn’t quickly decipher exactly what they have, I doubt you’ll be waiting around around in the passenger terminal especially flying business class with Etihad, I’m sure they’d have some arrangement in place to lounge their business class passengers, possibly inside a lounge of an airline partner/codeshare(if applicable) or a 3rd party lounge. They may even have an arrangement or pay a competitor to let you use their lounge.


Hi Chris

Im in Cairo Right now taking advantage of some Qatar business and first fares that will bump me from qff bronze to platinum very cheaply.  So far I’ve experienced nothing but friendly people and great hospitality.  There is heavy security presence but I feel safe and I really don’t think there is a lot to worry about. From reading the news it almost seems Europe and Australia Are under more threats.  Also with the devalued currency at the moment it is extremely cheap to stay here.  An interesting thing that my driver said to me today is that while there are lots of tourists from Europe and Asia, I was the first Australian he had seen in nearly two years.

I don’t know anything about lounge options in Cairo, and from what I’ve read there is nothing special, however al safwa at Hamad international is spectacular, especially for the cost of the fares on offer from Qatar.

Hope that helps, feel free to ask anything else!



Hi Chris

I stay in Downtown in Cairo, which is pretty much the middle of the city, very touristy with lots of hotels and hostels.  My hostel was a few minutes walk from Tahrir square, which was one of the main sites of the 2011 protests.  Giza was about half an hour away when I did my tour early in the morning.

Getting there and then back to the airport takes about 45 minutes to an hour each way, depending on traffic of course.  My flights landed and departed in the middle of the day so I was able to avoid peak hour (although Cairo seems permenantly stuck in peak hour). Uber is probably the best way to go, and you can either use you credit card or can now use cash when paying drivers.  You can get a cheap internet sim at the airport

Security is tight, you will regularly see heavily armed soldiers guarding houses, the airport, government buildings and banks.  Major hotels like the Hilton( which is incidentally very cheap at the moment) have sniffer dogs and X-ray machines.  Even the museum scans you on the way in and out.  I always felt safe and I’m the type of traveller of walks through random out of the way neighbourhoods when exploring the city.

Of course in saying all this I can’t predict the situation for you in six months when your flights are, however I had no problems.

To finish up, some example prices;  2 cheese and 2 chocolate crassoints cost me $1.95.  A kebab is about the same price with a delicious tub of garlic sauce.  A beer at the Hilton cost five dollars and that included 25% in additional government taxes.  A ten kilometre uber trip cost less than two dollars AUD.

Cairo airport “first and business” lounge, literally designed and operated as a joke, that’s all I can say about that.