Advice needed on travel from Perth to Dubai mid to late next year

Hi guys.

I am planning to travel from Perth to Dubai around (June-Sep 2018). I have got qantas ff points. I want to ask what are my best options to travel business / first class return.
I have seen that Cathay Pacific is available in those dates. I guess i can use qantas points on Cathay Pacific being a partner of 1W airlines.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated (I want to minimize the taxes/ surcharges, fly business/ first class, that’s what i have learnt thru this site in last 8-9 months :)…

Thanks to Keith and the all the other wonderful guys.


by searching different flight options you can see taxes to be paid.

note that going via hong kong is a lot longer than direct flight


ps please avoid abbreviations such as 1w. no one uses that