Advice for best use of Qantas FF points for flights between Brisbane and Los Angeles?

Dear point hacks community,

I am very new to the world of FF points (Qantas) and have only have acquired some bonus credit card sign up FF points in the past year. My wife and I intend to travel to Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisoc(SFO) in Dec and wish for the most economical way of utilising our points /plus cash for air tickets between Brisbane(BNE) and Los Angeles(LAX). We have just over 300k points between both of us and we never travel often enough to get out of Bronze status! Classic reward flights are hardly available over this peak season so I  was wondering if there are any informed jet-setters out there with any advice.

Thank you.


Norman, you have enough points for one person to travel around the world business class with Qantas one world (280,000 points with flights worth around $15,000).  Get a couple more credit cards so you can get to 560,000 points and head off on the trip of a lifetime with your partner :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris.

That sounds like a good plan and I have read how some people have done that on this site. I guess the caveat would be to fly during off peak season and also to be flexible between destinations and partner airlines under One World? It’s unfortunate that most of our travel plans are typical due to work and airlines capitalise on peak travelling season. Besides, I can only stretch my credit rating that much so it’ll be a while before I can get any more sign up bonus points.

Appreciate the reply.

Glad to help Norman, if you were to get an Amex Qantas card with a referral (if you don’t have one already) you would get 80,000 points, then if you refer it to you wife she would get 80,000 points and you’d get 20,000 so there’s 180,000 QFF points for only 2 more credit cards in 2 names with minimal credit rating pain :slight_smile: