AA Advance transfer to Qantas Frequent Flyer



I’m new to the  frequent flyer point collecting community and was wondering if somebody can give me some advice here.

I have 3000 AA Advance points which expire soon. I know not that many, but can i transfer them or could i use them to book a flight from MEL to SYD?


Many thanks!

Hey! Are you referring to American Airlines AAdvantage miles?

Assuming you are referring to AAdvantage miles, no you can’t transfer out of the program. You can transfer to someone else inside the program, although for the small number of miles you have this is cost prohibitive.

If you really want to keep that small an amount, you just need activity on the account. Probably the best thing to do is donate to charity. Minimum miles donation is 1000, so instead you could donate cash. Minimum is US$25, and this will add a few miles to your account and therefore reset the expiry clock. Another option is a magazine subscription (you’ll find links for all this when you login to AAdvantage). Watch out for repeat subscriptions hitting your credit card.

And sorry no, 3000 miles isn’t enough to get you a flight to anywhere. :frowning: