20% limit on purchasing Qantas FF points - is this strictly enforced?


I understand that when purchasing QANTAS FF points, “A maximum of 20% of the points needed for the Reward can be purchased”.

Does anyone have any experience with how closely this is monitored/enforced?


Can confirm, purchase of FF points can only be done over the phone, speaking with a Qantas staffer. Did a 1000pt top-up a few months ago and was advised of the limit. I guess it is at their discretion (or perhaps their systems don’t allow it) whether that 20% limit can be waived, can always just give them a call out of curiosity.

thanks for sharing ruzamada


I don’t have experience in this however, I would imagine that if done on website, the system would not be too flexible.

Depending on the agent over the phone, you might be able to push the limit a bit.

1 interesting thought I had was what if you cancelled the redemption and get the points refunded. Whether this is a way to buy more points, albeit pricey way to do it.

Sorry if I am of little help. Hope others would add their 2c.