20,000 Delta points - what can I do with them?

Hi all,

I have 20k Delta points, and I don’t know how I can do anything with them.
Would it be possible to use them to book a Delta ticket from Aus to the US on a Virgin co-share?

Is there a way to purchase items like Amazon cards, being that I’m an international customer?
Can I transfer them to another carrier, in the hope that they end up in my Virgin account eventually?

Open to any ideas!



I found some info on what flights your can use 20k miles for. See link below.


I don’t think Delta miles can be transferred to other FF programs. Rarely do FFP allow points yo be transferred to other FFP. Velocity-Krisflyer is a rare exception.

Can’t comment on using Delta miles on giftcards, etc. If available, it should be on Delta’s redemption page.