2 status credits needed to hit Velocity Gold - any suggestions?

My velocity gold membership expires in 3 days. I’m just 2 status credits short of renewal. Is it worth me spending and going on a $350 return flight just to retain it? I’ll be travelling to Europe twice and probably 3-4 return flights within Australia over the next 12 months.

Call the membership centre and ask them to consider letting you retain @ 2SC short. I was upgraded to gold 10SC short, so it can happen.

Interesting! I have already tried that approach and was told it’s “not possible”. Clearly it is however!

Do some grocery shopping at Coles with flybys, and earn a couple of status credits that way.


Open a flybuys account, link to Velocity. Buy $200 of groceries there you need anyway and voila, 2 SC are yours.