Has anyone tried using Voyager points to upgrade on South African Airways before? How did it work?

Hello all,

I am trying to use my Voyager points to upgrade a United flight, using the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards scheme.

When doing it using the Voyager website, you are redirected to a kind of Star Alliance website inside the South African one. After filling all the fields I get an error that my reservation can’t be found. I’ve tried all possible name and last name combinations (I have name, middle name and two last names), I added my ticket number and/or my reservation and still no success.

I called South African airways and the representative told me I need to call United, which is obviously not correct as the miles are from the Voyager program. Also the contact via e-mail had no answer back.

Has anyone used the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards before? How did it work? Anyone had a good experience with South African airways?